Monday, July 27, 2009

Should public schools be redefined?

The question of whether public schools should be redefined is a controversial issue. Although the amount of funding in many public schools is low this is not something the school can have control over. According to American Education, “The problem is that how much money spent per public school student varies between school districts because of differences in local property taxes. There are differences between school districts in the value of the property to be taxed and the amount a community is willing to tax its property” (Joel Spring, 2008, p. 346). School funding in public schools will not increase if the school is in located in a low income community because people are not willing to pay higher taxes. A public school does not need to be redefined if it has a moral education and a challenging standard curriculum offered to the students. According to the issue, Should “Public Schooling Be Redefined?, “Gatto condemned the public school system for its emphasis on obedience and subordination rather than unleashing of the intellectual and creative powers of the individual” (Noll, 2009, 15th ed., pp. 154-155). If a public school is not succeeding and it provides the best education it can and opportunities for the students that school should not be redefined because it will not change to efforts of the students in the school.

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